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TO HELL AND BACK- WE WILL BE TORN APART LP- The second full length LP from this NY heavy R'N'R four piece. WE WILL BE TORN APART has TO HELL AND BACK stretching out passed the four chord thunder/blunder rock'n'roll of their previous releases and expands into darker, more sinister, melodic territory. For fans of RED FANG, KARP, TURBO NEGRO, THE SWORD, etc.

PRESSING STATS- 300 LP's (200 on BLACK vinyl/100 on TRANSLUCENT BLUE vinyl.)


TO HELL AND BACK -WE WILL BE TORN APART 12" LP on Black Vinyl w/digital download code. This LP is on SALE for $8.00 plus shipping. For more information contact us at [email protected].

REVIEW-To Hell and Back "Will We Be Torn Apart" LP
Hard rock from WNY, with members of Devoid of Faith, John Brown's Army and other Albany 'core bands breaking loose with the hard rawk action on their second LP. Heavy stuff drawing influence from the stoner genre and the hard-rock revival that was the bread-n-butter of the Man's Ruin label a few moons ago. In the vein of Lizzy/Motorhead worship, a bit of the metal, some Scando-rawk moves a la Gluecifer/Hellacopters, but without the Skynyrd worship. Epic solos, cowbell, dual guitar workouts, tough vox. A competent genre exercise. Limited copies on blue vinyl.(RK Terminal Boredom)

REVIEW-TO HELL AND BACK-WILL WE BE TORN APART LP-Hard rock'in mayhem from upstate NY i think with ex-members of hardcore bands like DEVOID OF FAITH and J.B.A. and the like. Sounds nothing like those bands though! Think more along the lines of GRAND FUNK RAILROAD. There's even a little taste of BAUHAUS in here for the black dressed and suicidal. Really good, long, solid album of hard rock.(Short Fast & Loud #25)

REVIEW-There are a lot of bands out there that came out of the punk scene that try to cross over into the full-on rock thing. Most of them flat-out suck. They might have one good musician in the band that tries to carry everyone else. Then you get a band like To Hell And Back (ex-JBA, Give Up, etc., etc.). Everyone in this band can play their instruments quite well, thus they can pull off the “rock like a motherfucker” thing with ease. In turn, you, the listener, will rock like a motherfucker as well. If you like bands Turbonegro, Rose Tattoo, or the Saviours, then you’re going to love To Hell And Back. It kind of fits that they come from the Albany, NY area. Doesn’t seem like that place breeds pussies. The songs are massive and rage like hell: “The Devil’s in the Details,” “Venom & Saline,” and “Thin Skinned,” just to name a few. The whole album cranks. Big guitar sound, rippin’ solos, a drummer that can bang, and a ton of low end. I love the transition from “Release the Kraken” to the Sabbath-style riff of “Grassroots Brushfire.” Comes on blue vinyl. Don’t delay…(Razorcake Fanzine)