MALLWALKERS- DAIL 'M' FOR...- Raucous rust belt punk warriors MALLWALKERS return with their sophomore long player entitled “DIAL ‘M’ FOR…”, a befitting title as these twelve tracks of hyper driven punk funk clangor and pandemonium are sure to cause a murder on the dance floor. Reared on the cold graying streets and dusty brownfields of Buffalo NY, this rotating collective of musical miscreants leans hard on an arsenal of 6O’s brill pop/garage rock, 70’s funk, and 80’s punk influences, creating a musical ordnance so loud, so proud, not even the most seasoned bomb squad of Debbie Downers could pull the reins in on this joyous slab of wax. If funk is the crime, MALLWALKERS are happy to the do the time. A must for fans of BIG CRUX, THE B52’s, THE BIG BOYS, DUB NARCOTIC SOUND SYSTEM, X-RAY SPEX, DOWNTOWN BOYS, CHAIN & THE GANG, ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT, THE RAPTURE, MINUTEMEN……

PRESSING STATS- 300 12" LP (100 Purple Vinyl/ 200 Black Vinyl). Comes with digital download code, sticker.

MALLWALKERS-DAIL 'M' FOR... 12" LP is 15.00 plus shipping.
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REVIEW-This very part-time Buffalo collective has released a second (to my knowledge) LP full of a mish-mash of various influences that somehow work together pretty well into their own unique stew. Consisting of about 9 people Mallwalkers gather sporadically, creating manifestos of danceable, social upheaval full of repetitive chords, blaring horns, multiple vocalists, and shaking asses. Pull a bit of MC5’s explosive rebellion rock, add a taste of Fugazi’s use of odd chords and twangs that peck at their steady rhythm, and give a full-on high five to current rabble rousers Downtown Boys in regards to that horn blaring and ‘we’re here to fuck your system up’ protesting in the streets goodness, and you get an idea of what Mallwalkers are presenting. There’s a feeling of that DC/Dischord ‘we’re nerdy white punks, but we can get funky too’ thing happening, along with a distinctly Western New York rust belt vibe that isn’t Tuffalo hardcore (you have to kind of be from around here to know exactly what I mean), but it is punk and it’s angry, and I’m OK with all of it. So get your feel on if this description does anything for you.(Hex Blog)

REVIEWS-Mallwalkers sound like a funk version of Blatz! Or maybe a peace punk version of The B-52’s! Or maybe if you mixed ‘90s U.K. riot grrrl band Huggy Bear with the “rock with horns” sensibilities of Rocket From The Crypt! Whatever this sounds like, I like it. These are party rock songs of varying styles, as some are heavy rock songs while others take a more funky approach. Both female and male vocals are present on almost every song with a mostly shouty delivery style that really drives the punk influence home. Good stuff. (Razor cake Fan Zine)

REVIEWS-Mallwalkers have brought together a great record featuring dual vocals on every track, with slatherings of funky brass and bass, to create something really unique and original.
This 9 piece from Buffalo, New York are reminiscent of Downtown Boys in style, as they are mixing those funk elements with a 90’s riot grrl sound, and punk heart, to create danceable catchy beats to move your body to, with political undertones. There’s even a slow song to sway to for good measure. This is in short a funky punk rock record to make you dance your pants off.(Collective Zine)

REVIEW-I dropped the needle on this with the expectation of maybe something mod-ish, you maybe something along the early JAM stuff – instead what I find is something more akin what would happen if BLATZ, the STYLE COUNCIL & the BIG BOYS got in car crash and all their members got mixed up. Super fun, danceable punk with horns with vocals that go from sweet and melodious to shouted commands to just DANCE DANCE DANCE. I’m really into this. (RAZORBLADES & ASPIRIN ZINE)