MALE PATTERNS- HEADACHES 12" LP- Dark dirgy melodic punk loaded with gnarly riffs, guttural vocals, and smash and grab hardcore pummeling total. 8 songs in 20 minutes, short and bitter.Featuring members of NEUTRON RATS, NO SIR I WON'T, AFTER THE FALL.12". For fans of Black Flag, Poison Idea, Chain Rank, War Cry, Inepsy etc...

PRESSING STATS-Limited to 300 copies first pressing (200 Black Vinyl/100 "Beer Yellow" Vinyl) and digital download code.

MALE PATTERNS- HEADACHES 12" LP is $15.00 plus shipping. For more information contact us at [email protected]

REVIEW-As Mike Thrashead used to say, “Yeeouch!” Fans of Long Knife, Econochrist, and SFA sit up and take note. This record rules! Kicking off with “Depression” and upping the intensity with every song after. It’s mid to somewhat fast hardcore punk with a catchy beat (not a bad thing). “Hype” scorches, and the title track doubles down. “Bought and Sold” slows the roll, but intensifies the punch. I say this is one of the best records of the year. Go ahead and quote me on it, I won’t deny it later. (Razor Cake Fan Zine)

REVIEW-Here's some ugly, stark, tough-sounding hardcore that doesn't forget to pen a good tune while it's putting the bloody boot in. Poison Idea and early Black Flag serve as a rough starting point, but the bounce, gruff vocals and songwriting smarts also make me think of early-days Fucked Up, when they were still chucking stuff like 'Police' and 'Generations' about the place. Song titles like 'Headaches' and 'Depression' offer blunt insight into where Male Patterns are coming from mood-wise, but it's the quick, tuneful one-two of 'Unwritten Laws' and 'Bought And Sold' where their miserable fire burns brightest. (COLLECTIVE ZINE)

REVIEW-Burly as shit straight-forward hardcore punk – somewhere else in this issue I reference SHEER TERROR in regards to them and I stand by that but I’d also throw in SUBMACHINE as well. Grimey, rough and tumble punk rock. (RAZORBLADES & ASPIRIN ZINE)