LUNAR FIGURINE-CRACKED IN TWO 12" LP-From the studio of veteran NY Hudson Valley drummer and songwriter Michael Wilcock (THE KISS UPS/MICHAEL TRUCKPILE/KITTY LITTLE) comes Lunar Figurine. Experimental and densely electronic, Lunar Figurine’s debut Cracked in Two divides its time between modernist, pattern-based indie pop and a glitchy, politically volatile electro punk livid with contemporary American rage and despair. The eccentric wobble-pop of “Covered in Windows” makes perfect sense in a world where Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth produces Solange tracks. The ribald and raw “We Are the People,” on the other hand, nods to T-Rex in its anthemic celebration of interdependence and community in the age of one-percenter hyper-capitalism. Unique sound design and unfailing groove meet in fully realized songcraft. Written, performed, and recorded by Mike! For fans of Talking Heads. Tune Yards, Grand Funk Rail Road, ENO, Ween....

PRESSING STATS- 250 pressed on Translucent Green Vinyl. Comes with digital download code.

LUNAR FIGURINE-CRACKED IN TWO 12" LP on Translucent Green Vinyl is $15.00 plus shipping. For more information contact us at [email protected]