HERO DISHONEST- LIHA JA TERAS 12" LP- For those with discerning tastes we present a true gem of punk musical composition, a very limited pressing of the new HERO DISHONEST LP entitled LIHA JA TERASZ! 11 awesome tracks of blistering punk rock wildness from Finland! Grossly overlooked here in the states, this long running Finnish band has been making frantic, urgent, and highly original punk music since 1999! A truly ripping record that should not be overlooked. Use your eyes and ears, follow your instincts, come to your senses....get your hands on this today!

PRESSING STATS- First and one time only limited US only pressing of 100 copies on Black vinyl. Includes digital download code.

HERO DISHONEST- LIHA JA TERAS 12" LP on Black Vinyl is $12.00 plus shipping.
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REVIEW-The album's title translates to "Meat and Steel" and Hero Dishonest continue to dish out fast, frenetic hardcore that's never fit any pat category. When they stay away from the pure thrash, things get a little more interesting. The likes of "Suomi On Rasistinen Perahikia," "Sepalusten Laskija" and "Donitsit" all have a snaky intensity that show off muscular, edgy chops to go along with the harsh-tongued vocals. Even in a speedier track like "Viulut Vireeseen," the instrumentation is tight and dynamic. Not the best album I've heard from them, but still quality stuff. Only 100 copies for the first pressing. (Suburban Voice)

REVIEW-Hero Dishonest continue onward with this, their seventh album in sixteen years, in firm position to be the second-generation Terveet Kädet (which presupposes that there will actually be a time in which Terveet Kädet cease to exist). On this US edition, Peterwalkee continues to make Hero Dishonest available for the hundred Americans who are interested in such a thing. On one hand, I’m surprised there aren’t more eager fans (the Peterwalkee pressing is limited to 100 copies), but at the same time it seems pretty clear that most old hardcore people are either hopelessly out of touch and buying Strung Out CDs or are too cool for bands that aren’t the specific micro-genre flavor of the week. Regardless of who else enjoys Hero Dishonest, I sure do – they haven’t skipped a beat here, at their most frantic recalling Gauze were they raised on Lärm or otherwise toning it down for a sort of rocked-out, Murder City Devils-meets-Bl’ast zone. And then there are the tracks that sound like they came off a Southeast Asia CD compilation on 625 Productions with 40 bands, which I might enjoy most of all. Hero Dishonest will keep playing manic hardcore and it’s up to us if we care to tune in. (Yellow Green Red)

REVIEW-The seventh full-length LP Finnish-language hardcore punk band, and I have to say I haven’t heard of them before so can’t compare it to the previous. Blending a plethora of styles this album is an original mixture of energetic and fast modern hardcore mixed with a more classic 80s style. Reminding me in parts of Refused and in others of more classic style of bands like Negative Approach, creating an interesting and thoroughly listenable slab of punk. (Collective Zine)

REVIEW-A bunch of old dudes from Finland who never got out of or grew tired of hardcore punk belt out yet another full length (their seventh) with the intensity of kids half their age. Brings back fond memories of Tear It Up, What Happens Next?, Life’s Halt, E-150, and other classic turn of the century hardcore bands. Judging by the band photo, they fully endorse squash, Sriracha hot sauce, cats, whiskey, and fuzz distortion pedals. Also, if you’re ever in Finland ask these guys about Megapussi chips and where you can purchase some. (Razor Cake Fan Zine)

REVIEW-Yeah man! These manic Finnish speed freaks serve up a nice slab of quick, frenzied hardcore. Like VOID tangled up in some Japanese thrash shit. It's dissident and chaotic, but the playing is solid as fuck. I was just about to take a nap, but after this one, fuck it! Thrash panic freak out! Yeah man! (MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL)