SIMON LEBRON- MONSTER MANUAL 12" LP-Twenty-six songs about twenty-six monsters, from the pages of the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, alphabetical to boot.

An attempt at the conceptual breadth of Rudimentary Peni's Cacophony fused with the lion-hearted pop of Frank Black's Teenager Of The Year, dosed with the "Isolation" salts of the Plastic Ono Band. Medieval Life Is Rubbish! Recorded in San Francisco 2011 / 2012 by Phil Manley (Trans Am / The Fucking Champs). Mastered by JJ Golden. EX-Members of The Pulses.

PRESSING STATS- 120 gram vinyl. First pressing limited to 200 copies on Black vinyl with hand silk screened covers. Includes digital download code and a 12 sided DIE.

SIMON LEBRON- MONSTER MANUAL 12" LP is $15.00 plus shipping.
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A co-release between Frequency Rare and Peterwalkee Records.

REVIEW-One of the things I like about Peterwalkee Records is just how all over the place they are with their releases – one its goofy pop-punk, the other brutal hardcore and the other something in between those two. Musically, SIMON LEBRON​-​MONSTER MANUAL reminds me a bit of early DEAD MILKMEN or even a bit of MOTO – short goofy but really well constructed songs, with jangly guitars and a loose garage punk production style. Lyrically, all the songs are about the various creatures and scenarios one might find oneself in while playing Dungeons & Dragons. As someone who spent a good portion of his early teen years staring down the barrel of some loaded dice, I’m really into this. (RAZORBLADES & ASPIRIN ZINE)

REVIEW-Indie rock (with a punker nod or two) with twenty-six songs about assorted monsters culled form the Advanced Dungeon & Dragons Monster Manual, delivered aphpabetically.Songs are nice 'n' short and surprisingly not terrible. Comes with a twelve sided die if you order by mail order. (Razorcake Famzine)