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THE FIGGS-SUCKING IN STEREO LP- To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release of THE FIGGS - SUCKING IN STEREO full length album, Peterwalkee Records is proud to bring you this newly REMASTERED (from the original, uncompressed mixes by Brian Charles summer 2010) and FIRST TIME on VINYL (only) version of SUCKING IN STEREO! Loaded with super catchy melodies and guttural rock hooks, Sucking in Stereo is proof positive of The Figgs cult status as kings of power pop. A classic record in a classic format, you can not go wrong! LP comes with bonus LIVE CD of a killer show from the bands first tour in support of the original release of the record back in 2000!

PRESSING STATS: 300 pressed 100 on Clear Vinyl/200 on BLACK vinyl.

REVIEW: Got a Figgs forty-five a while back that was pretty good, so it was a nice surprise to find this in my in-box. This is apparently a remastered reissue of an album they released a decade ago, available here on vinyl for the first time. It’s clear very early on here that these guys know their way around a hook, and they wield them well, slathering tune after tune with catchy bits culled from power pop influences and delivering them with a bit of punk conviction. Not a stinker in the bunch and a definite keeper to add to your party platter rotation. –jimmy (RAZOR CAKE)

Originally released ten years ago, this is the first time on vinyl. On this album, they sound more influenced by Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Del Fuegos, the Beat Farmers, the Replacements, and bands of that nature, rather than the Beatles, as they do today. Listening to this reminds me of my teen years in Oklahoma. Bands like this received a lot of play on college radio stations, like the “Red Hot Radio” show that was broadcast from the OCU campus in 1984/’85. The overall mood is light and about hanging out and having fun. The music rocks without being bludgeoning or snotty. Some of the songs, like “Cheap Cassettes,” seem like filler. But then they have some really good songs like “The Wrong Chord,” “Set the Stage,” “The Daylight Strong,” and “Dance Lesson.” A little uneven, but still good. Comes with a live CD of a show they played in Kansas on 3.28.01 as well. –M.Avrg (RAZOR CAKE)