SOKEA PISTE-AJATUS KARKAA LP-Fantastic bleak & noisy hardcore punk from FINLAND. Somewhere between STEELPOLE BATHTUB, RUDIMENTARY PENI, & MISSION OF BURMA. Originally released in Finland in 2011 and quickly sold out with limited copies making their way to the states. Peterwalkee Records is excited to be releasing the US pressing of this awesome LP. AJATUS KARKAA is seething with dark underpinnings and is as bleak as it is warped. An intense master piece of dark and damaged punk rock cacophony. AJATUS KARKAA is further proof of Finnish musical mastery.

From the band: SOKEA PISTE is a murderous crush of perversity, paranoia and naked, twisted visions of blind rage, solitary insanity and silent, thoughtful violence

PRESSING STATS- Limited to 300 copies (200 BLACK/ RED 100 vinyl). Full Color covers, digital down code, sticker and hand silk screened 12"x12" poster (while supplies last).

SOKEA PISTE-AJATUS KARKAA LP is $15.00 plus shipping. For more information contact us at [email protected].

REVIEW-SOKEA PISTE-AJATUS KARKAA LP-Peterwalkee continues their Finnish exchange program with a reissue of Sokea Piste’s 2011 album Ajatus Karkaa. Just like their earlier 7″, this isn’t your standard Finnish hardcore sound – Sokea Piste are far moodier, with plenty of tension and depression running through their music. I’m actually kind of reminded of some of the more pessimistic American emo-core groups of the ’90s, like Halfman and Merel, groups that flung themselves into hardcore in a mess of frustration and tangled guitar cords. Sokea Piste never get to the point where they’re rolling on the floor, though – there’s still a significant low-end and rhythmic-adherence to show that these guys are probably listening to way more Totalitär or Out Cold or whatever Kangaroo Records has co-released in the past twenty years than any Ebullition product. And maybe just a touch of AmRep misery in there, too? Whatever Sokea Piste’s influences actually are, it certainly works for them, bringing all sorts of gloom to hardcore without relying on images of atomic bombs and war crimes. I have no idea what any of these songs are about, they’re all in Finnish, but I still feel it, you know? (YELLOW GREEN RED BLOG)

REVIEW: Two power-packed discs for this Finnish band, comprised of members of Kykloppien Sukupuutto, Aortaorta and a few others bands, some of which have names I'm too lazy to spell out. Dark and nasty-sounding, a doomy ambiance harnessed to moderate and slower paced material. Imagine an amalgam of "My War" era Black Flag, the Wipers, Killing Joke and Voivod in various permutations. Something like that and I'm grasping for a description that really captures this band's essence. These aren't happy-sounding, overly accessible compositions but there's a potent, dramatic, near nightmarish dynamic at work. Colorful artwork with kind of an abstract style and the 7" is screened. (Suburban Voice)

REVIEW-First off, album covers rarely exemplify what’s to be heard on the vinyl. This is sure as shit not the case with Sokea Piste. The cover is a mishmash hallucination of watercolors, sinewy lines, and strange alien mathematics whereby expanded eyeballs seem to bleed black into a black hole. Somehow, Ajatus Karkaa sounds exactly like that. It is abrasive, controlled noise like Drive Like Jehu if they were Finnish. It would be an oxymoron to describe any of the songs as memorable, as they are performed with terse derangement like a preteen hopped up on Adderall, but the album as a whole leaves quite the impression. The LP comes with both the original Finnish lyrics as well as an English translation, which is a major plus. (Razorcake Fanzine)