LIEUTENANT-S/T LP-Unrelenting hardcore punk from NY state. Lieutenant drops a destructive music depth-charge on this LP. A complete smoker that travels to many places melodic while still raging beyond belief. The rough mix of of this bad boy had been circulating for several years before finally getting pressed to wax and this is the complete, remixed, finished monster. Hand Screen-printed artwork over individually hand-painted chipboard jackets. Members of LEMURIA, RUNNING FOR COVER, JOHN BROWNS ARMY, STILL ILL, KITTY LITTLE, FAILURES UNION, THEY LIVE, GIVE UP, HAIL MARY and more. LP LIMITED TO 300 COPIES. Split release with ART OF THE UNDERGROUND and WARM BATH LABEL.

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PRESSING STATS- 300 pressed, 200 on Black Vinyl, 100 on WHITE & RED marbled vinyl. Comes with Hand Silk screened, Hand Painted, hand folded and glued LP jackets and digital download code.


LIEUTENANT- S/T LP-Vinyl documentaion of this semi-legendary WNY band that played a handful of shows almost seven years ago and left a big impression on local punks. Members went on to bands as diverse as Lemuria, Resist Control, Gas Chamber and Running for Cover and this LP contains elements that would go on to color the sounds of all of those acts. Thirteen songs that roll by in under twenty minutes, defiant Rust Belt hardcore built on the foundation of the traditional 80's sound that made a return in the early oughts (9 Shocks-esque even), with some top notch guitar riffing, moments of metallic heaviness and breakdowns and no lack of energy, as every songs races to the finish line as fast as it can. A snapshot of a local band that I missed the first time around (I was most likely at a Blowtops show while this was all happening...) that becomes even more interesting considering that the members are some of the heavier presences on the local Buffalo scene right now, as far as show promoters, label bosses (Peterwalkee, Art of the Underground and Warm Bath) and all-around good dudes go. A locally seminal moment in time captured for posterity, but even non-local coremen should be able to dig this. Impeccably recorded and housed in attractively silkscreened and hand-painted chipboard sleeves. Even though I'm not 100% sure of the significance of the Mona Lisa art. Limited to 300 copies.(RK)TERMINAL BOREDOM

LIEUTENANT S/T LP-Lemuria and Hail Mary. Now, there are two names I would never have thought I'd be placing side by side in a sentence, but yet we find members sharing the same band. Funny, though, because at the same time this LP brings to mind another disparate bunch of acts who don't necessarily sit too well together - Salvo Rain, Minor Threat, Infest, By The Grace Of God - while the whole thing somehow still manages to work in a rather splendid manner. On the first spin or two I was fairly impressed thinking yeah, here's a solid ol' slab of melodic-yet-caustic hardcore, but by the time it'd had a few more plays I was charging around the flat and mimicking vocalist Matto's aggrieved squawk whilst trying to put my finger on which different bands they remind me of. Eventually I figured out that it's not the overall sound so much as the occasional familiar change of tone, chord or inflection that make me want to bellow CONFINED BY CRIPPLING GREED or WHERE IS THE UNI-TAY? at various points throughout Lieutenant's own raging music, and while that might sound weird or numinous or like I don't know what the shit I'm talking about it all kinda makes sense when you drop the needle and the tunes blast by - just go check it out for yourself if you don't believe me.(Alex Deller)COLLECTIVE-ZINE.CO.UK

LIEUTENANT S/T 12″-Debut 12″ from this upstate NY hardcore band featuring a whole slew of ex-members-of. I think this stands on its own, though… full-throttle, wild-sounding, Clevo-style hardcore that immediately brings to mind the legendary Gordon Solie Motherfuckers (particularly in the vocals). This is some fucking ripping shit. Beautiful packaging, too, including hand-painted, hand-screened jackets.(SorryState blog)

LIEUTENANT:Self-titled: LP So, upstate NY has some amazing bands putting out no less amazing records lately. Lieutenant is definitely one of the outfits that falls into this category. I guess it took forever to get this 12” out, with a lot of the songs being recorded a few years ago, but it came out this past April and is limited to just 300 copies. LIEUTENANT is an awesome out-of-control thrash band that has members of RUNNING FOR COVER, THEY LIVE, JBA, and RESIST CONTROL. I got into this shit as soon as the record started. The vocals are manic and shouted, the pace is at top speed, the bass lines are tight, and the drum rolls never stop. I really liked ”PUNK BY NUMBERS” off the B side of this record. It has some killer rock ‘n’ roll riffs and the lyrics are pretty goddamned funny. By the way, LIEUTENANT has their shit together in the lyric department. There is some incredible urgency in these tunes and they just keep coming at lightning speed until it all winds down into a plodding bass solo. This record fucking rips, seriously. The packaging is also damn good. Excellent hand screened artwork on both sides of the jacket, lyric sheet, and it came with a one inch pin and a download card. 100 pressed on white and red marble wax and 200 on black. Solid (JasonS) PROFANE EXISTENCE ZINE.

LIEUTENANT:Self-titled: LP Imagine if the ‘88 straight-edge bands had more depth, and sang about things of merit, instead of their adherence to “the edge” and their “crew.” Though not a straight-edge band, Lieutenant definitely have that early youth crew influence. They sort of remind me of Youth Of Today, only Lieutenant aren’t a cheese fest. May be a little bit of Infest in there without being a clone band. The vocals are bellowed, a cross between Tony Erba, Ray Cappo, and Big Jim MacNaughton. The music is blazing and the guitar strips flesh off the bone from less than five paces. “Rally the Troops” is an absolute scorcher. Rapid fire delivery and intense as fuck. In fact, they really hit their stride from that song on to the end with “Do Not Remove the Tag.” I like the untitled instrumentals that close out each side as well. Changes the mood, but not the flow. This is one record you should really own. So damn good it’s not funny.(Peterwalkee) –Matt Average RAZORCAKE

LIEUTENANT 12”-The only thing I know about LIEUTENANT is that they are a super group project band from Buffalo that is made up of members who have played in bands like RUNNING FOR COVER, JOHN BROWNS ARMY, LEMURIA, GAS CHAMBER, and RESIST CONTROL. That should be enough to suggest that this is worth the hunting and you do need to hunt for this because only 300 copies were pressed. These folks have been around since 2005 but don’t get together too often probably due to the business of their other bands. LIEUTENANT play a brand of intense hardcore that harkens back to bands like NO TIME LEFT and DYS, but with the Matto’s vocals sound like Doc Dart fronting CRIPPLED YOUTH. It’s unique and it works. Fuckin’ blazing from start to finish. Matto also had a hand in making this beautiful cover artwork that is hand made silk screened and involves Mona Lisa and machine parts. Symbolic of the Buffalo punk scene that has art being built from production lines. Everything about this is amazing.(Peterwalkee Records)-Stephen Perry EQUALIZING DISTORT

LIEUTENANT-s/t LP: This LP sat on the proverbial shelf for a long time--I've had a CD-R of it for well over a year and their origins go back to the early part of the last decade. Members of No Time Left, John Brown's Army, To Hell and Back, Resist Control and others and this is pummeling hardcore driven by bulldozer bass and vocals that sound like a cross between Springa and Tony Erba. They also have a sound akin to one of Erba's former bands, namely Nine Shocks Terror. The vocals do get a bit over-the-top at times and Lieutenant are hardly the most unique band at playing this style but the production is hot and powerful. Glad this saw the light of day. Nice screen printed cover, too. (Peterwalkee)-Al Quint SUBURBAN VOICELIEUTENANT:Self-titled: LP. Instead of an X-ray, this record’s the sound of a throat polyp forming a malignant mass. The constant strangulation quality to the vocals reminded me of the evil vulturey things, the Skeksis, in The Dark Crystal. Screaming. (Is it a coincidence that Dec., 1982 also saw the release of Evilive? Perhaps.) There’s-a-”you”-mentioned-all-over-this-album-and-that-person’s-a-fuckin’-asshole hardcore. For fans of Deep Sleep, Night Birds, Code 13. Effective. They haven’t invented a new broom, but they sure know how to sweep. You never really know how dirty something is until you put your back into it. Lieutenant.(Art Of the Underground / Warm Bath / Peterwalkee;)-Todd Taylor RAZORCAKE

LIEUTENANT S/T LP-About a week ago, I was listening to the LAST IN LINE LP and re-reading the 20th anniversary edition of Suburban Voice, and thinking about how I missed this type of hardcore from the early 2000s that drew from early and late 80′s US hardcore but still had its own character, was raging and pissed but also didn’t take itself too seriously. I was pondering this for a few days, and lo and behold, I got this record for review, which immediately reminded me of that time period and occupies a similar space in my brain. This band plays hardcore that’s speedy, tight, relentless and realistically exists about ten years too late to be fully appreciated, but will hopefully do some touring, turn some heads, and inspire some counter-clockwise dance floors. The vocals are somewhere between INFEST and YOUTH OF TODAY, and come from someone who comes off as an irate maladjusted weirdo that also sounds like he’s having a blast. People in this band have done time in a ton of Western NY bands ranging from LEMURIA to THEY LIVE to RUNNING FOR COVER, and when people from more diverse musical backgrounds get together and play hardcore, the result is usually something unusually fresh than people who listen to only a few (sub)genres of music, even if the style being played is relatively straightforward. All of this topped off with lyrics that go beyond the popular vocalist whining about his life sucking, and I am declaring this record a winner!(DG)MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL

LIEUTENANT S/T LP-Buffalo Hardcore fans have waited a long time for the release of this bombastic explosion of pure hardcore. They even got together the other night and played an overwhelming set to commemorate the occasion. Featuring memebers of Resist Control (Matto LaQue), Gas Chamber (Pat Bolger), Lemuria (Alex Kearns) and local hero/jack of all trades Eric Ellman--calling this a supergroup would be unfair and corny, yet ultimately true as all of the members are currently in other actively successful bands and 3 out of the 4 run record labels, all of which had a hand in releasing this. Matto's Peterwalkee label, Bulgers' Warm Bath Label and Kearns' Art of the Underground all have thier stamp on this slab--limited to 300 copies (100 which are colored). I'd give this one about a month or so to sell out. A snapshot of Buffalo activity right now, though the band is most likely not functioning on a regular basis--this document will be an essential album regardless.-Dave Anchovies

LIEUTENANT S/T LP-I should be able to write this review as quickly as this 13 song LP flies by. At barely 8 minutes per side this project band out of Buffalo, NY steamrolls through minute-long ragers of vitriolic hardcore. All these dudes play in a multitude of bands around the Buffalo area, so it’s pointless to say who’s in what, especially since this was recorded some time ago and I think they may have only played a few live shows. So this is basically a limited run posthumous release in a way. They did go all out though with a cool hand-painted chipboard package that has a neat silkscreen design over it. While the B-side (as well as the A-side’s “Instrumental” closer) offer a bit more in the way of hooks and melody coupled with the chaos to help this group stand out a bit more it’s the vocals that supply distinction... mostly because you’ll either love or hate them. Part Youth Of Today growls, part crow-cawing scream it’s a mixed bag. I’m not sure if I care for it, but they certainly do fit the wild nature of these short and fast songs.- Ryan(