HERO DISHONEST-ALLE LUJAA 12" LP-13 songs, 13 reasons to eat your own face. Total ripping destruction from one of Finland’s greatest treasures! HERO DISHONEST has been making an unprecedented amount of noise since 1999 and continues to elevate and elaborate on their ever-expanding sound. The “ALLE LUJAA” LP continues the bands expansive use of a rawer, more mean live sound in the recording and the thick and chaotic yet naturally rich garble of vocals sung entirely in Finnish. Having been compared to the likes of BLACK FLAG, DIE KRUZEN, SNFU, BLAST, and many more trail blazing creators, HERO DISHONEST continues to deliver the goods both in the LIVE and RECORDED settings, while still seemingly only being on the radar of those hip enough to “be in the know”. Step into the light and bathe yourself in HERO DISHONEST’s rich gory glories.

HERO DISHONEST- ALLE LUJAA 12" LP is $15.00 plus shipping.
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PRESSING STATS-Limited to 300 copies (100 Blue/200 Black vinyl). Hand Silk Screened covers, digital down code. Comes with sticker/digital download code.

REVIEW-Let's face facts--a lot of bands start to run out of new ideas after a few records. Hero Dishonest are a notable exception. They've always taken the parameters of hardcore punk and stretched them without any sort of dilution. And while the two songs that comprise the entire second side, timing in at 7:31 and 4:41, test the patience, the first side has a ferocious, kinetic energy. One of my buddies called what they do "math core." I don't think he really meant it as a compliment but, to me, it's a semi-adequate description for Hero Dishonest's balancing pure force with complex, unpredictable elements. There's speed and burn and the band's chops lift it above the ordinary. To put it in cruder terms, they can play their asses off. 11 tracks on side one, including a cover of Die Kreuzen's "Hope" (the Finnish title is "Kipu"). As for the lengthier compositions, "I'm Hitting Myself To Make Sure This Isn't A Dream As Well" (English translation--think I'm typing out the Finnish title?) starts off with a narrative accompanied by a brooding vamp, transitions into explosive hardcore and then noisy atmospherics. "Same Train" exudes some Side 2-of-My War pain. As I said, stretching the parameters but I think I'll be sticking to the first side. (Suburban Voice)

REVIEW-Finnish veterans Hero Dishonest crank out their sixth full length of frenzied, manic hardcore punk, evoking memories of the first time I saw them several years ago in Santa Ana, CA. The two vocalists calmly introduced themselves and the band in both English and Spanish before turning into psychotic moles and burrowing their way through a crowd of unsuspecting punks to a backdrop of spastic drum beats and shredding guitars. The vocal duties have since trimmed down to just one but the music is still as crazed as ever with the fast songs reminding me so much of the fifth Gauze LP or Poison Idea’s Kings of Punk. Two long, lurching songs close out the album on the second side, which are a bit of a let down with the entire first side being one rager after another. I’d have to be in the mood to flip the record over, but the effort to listen to this is well worth it for tracks one through eleven. Good shit.(Razorcake Fanzine)