NYC's CHRON TURBINE will deliver unto you, thudish punch of the weirdest catchy DEVO meets KARP style pop tunes DIRECTLY to the left side of your head. The pain you will feel from said punch will quickly turn into an deep and undeniable pleasure as the 10 tracks on this slab’o’wax earworm their way deep into your brain creating a constant need for repeated listening/beatings. Ex members of RYE COALITION/ LE SAVY FAV/ THE TRANS AM.

PRESSING STATS-Limited to 200 copies (100 RED/100 Black vinyl). Hand Silk Screened covers, sticker, and digital download code.

CHRON TURBINE-SKULL NECKLACE FOR YOU 12 LP is $15.00 plus shipping.
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REVIEW-CHRON TURBINE, “Skull Necklace Just For You” LP This sounds like if The Cars were raised on a steady diet of records released on Amphetamine Reptile, but the catchy pop aspect won out in the end. It’s actually pretty fuckin’ great if that first sentence made no sense to you. Thick, riffy, and noisy, but brilliantly catchy. It loses a bit of steam in the middle, mostly from slower tracks that aren’t as easy to get stuck in your head. Yet despite all that it’s a great listen, one that certainly surprised me, and I was happy to have heard it. I might actually be a better person because of it now, so thanks for getting songs like “You Can’t Touch My Shit” and “Trans Jamder” embedded in my cranium! Printed on a wild silkscreened cover and limited to something like 200 copies. Neat! (HEXBLOG)

REVIEW-Hey. Friends. Guess what. There’s a new band called Chron Turbine. They’re really good. They sound like a bunch of other bands, and, yeah, sure, fuck it, they give it their own twist (even though they really didn’t have to), and I totally love them. Their drummer was in the most underrated hardcore band of all time, Merel, and their singer can do the post hardcore yelp as well as the Pete Steele Type O Negative sexy low vibe, which is all I ask of any singer. They have a new record that I can’t stop listening too. The reason I bring them up—besides the fact that I want you all to buy their album and make them rich—is that they fit nicely into my belief system this week. They were brought to my attention by one of the dudes from Violent Bullshit telling me, “You need to check these guys out. They sound like the 70s…but all the wrong 70s.” As you probably know, there’s little higher praise among record nerds than saying a band gets a sound wrong and does it well. When I talked to Chris Turco, the singer of Chron, warning him that I may include them in an article about bands that sound like other bands, he was like, “Yeah, we know there’s a lot of Jesus Lizard…” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Chron Turbine sounds like the Pink Fairies doing Torche doing “Daddy Should Have Stayed in High School.” And that it is fantastic. The Touch and Go stuff is there too, but I’m already on record as encouraging everybody to sound like the Cows, so I want to add that I also dig men and women of all ages and stripes earning the stringiness of their hair through abject 70s groove worship. I encourage everybody to sound like everybody else—just not the everybody else that everybody else sounds like. You grock? Great! Now go form a band! Or, better yet, a better band! (VICE.NOISEY)

REVIEW-Sometimes, the “ex-members of” ancestry is a pretty good clue for what the new band sounds like. I’d say this is the case for Chron Turbine, who boast ex-Les Savy Fav, Trans Am and Rye Coalition members (unless it’s just one guy who played in all three bands or something, which surely can’t be the case), and well, they kinda sound like all of that, at least here and there. Rye Coalition is probably the biggest reference point – Chron Turbine are big, swaggery rock, but with a sheen of irony (or at least sarcastic distance) that keeps it from getting too pretentious or serious. Their rock moves are pretty pro, after all – sounds like Queens Of The Stone Age covering Karp for more than a couple tracks, but without the charismatic vocalist or insane drumming. Clearly these aren’t a bunch of teenagers turning their amps on for the first time – Chron Turbine sound like a heavy rock group who have all been around the block enough times to avoid many mistakes newer musicians make, even if Skull Necklace For You isn’t a particularly thrilling record overall. I don’t begrudge them, and neither should you.(YELLOW GREEN RED BLOG)

REVIEW-Consistently mid-paced hard rock that flirts with metal but doesn’t quite want to go all the way just yet. The rhythm section seems to lead the charge and the guitars provide plenty of hooks, but there’s an edginess missing that could potentially make the songs really come alive. Some heavier riffs and guitar solos never hurt anyone that knew how to use them.(Razorcake Fanzine)