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GUN CANDY- Of The Third Kind Cassette- A foray into the confusion that is the human mind, Gun Candy delivers 8 dark, melodic, tracks of twisted hardcore punk on this new cassette release. Enticed by our own paranoia, surrender to the other, victims of the third kind. You are sterilized, You are alone.

PRESSING STATS- Fisrt pressing of 100 SOLD OUT. Second pressing of 100-Pro dubbed cobalt cassette, digital download, sticker, and silk screened slip cover.

GUN CANDY- Of The Third Kind Cassette is $3.00 plus shipping.
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REVIEW-This is cool. Slippery-riffed hardcore that powers boldly along and occupies its own neatly-defined space. The sound is burly and aggressive, but possesses a wily sense of cunning. The vocals, too, fail to conform, variously coming across as surly, threatening and eardrum-piercingly desperate. Vanilla Poppers by way of Black Flag pretty much sums things up, and hopefully such a description’ll lead you to spend a cassette length’s worth of time in their enjoyably belligerent company.(

REVIEW- I had the good fortune to have played with this band on a couple of occasions in their brief existence and I hope to play with them much more because they are a fierce and chaotic live group. While new to the Buffalo scene they are composed of individuals who have been doing all sorts of things in a myriad of bands over the years, so they are no strangers to this hardcore stuff. Either way, they took the dive and have cast an 8-song cassette into the world for you all to audibly consume. It’s not the greatest recording, but the songs are pretty damn rowdy. Are they looking for a Black Flag “Damaged”-era vibe? Maybe. Some of the guitar work certainly alludes to that even though the majority of songs move a lot faster than even the briefest of Black Flag rippers. The vocal variations move from straight-up shrieking to spoken/yelled, to some deeper hardcore shouts. I love the weird art/mascot that looks like it was cribbed from an ad for mailorder horror props in the back of a 60’s comic book. Not a bad start, but definitely a worthy group to catch if they happen to play in your town and/or prefecture/province/kingdom/reservation/conquered land mass.(HEXBLOG)