CROSS STITCH- UNTIL I FIND YOU CS-Submitted for your sonic pleasure, seven tracks of jangling whirling post punk from this four piece from Buffalo NY. Until I find You is the posthumous release from this short-lived but intense powder keg of a musical unit, a must for fans of KLEENEX/LILLIPUT, AUTOCLAVE, THE BREEDERS, SLEATER-KINNEY, GRASS WIDOW. Split release with BITCH FACE RECORDS.

PRESSING STATS- Limited to 100 copies. Pro-dubbed cobalt cassette, full color cover, silk screen slip cover, sticker, and digital download. ONLY 5 COPIES LEFT IN STOCK!!!!!!

For more information contact us at [email protected].

REVIEW-I forget where I heard it, and I’m not going to get the quote right, but somebody smart said that when you’re going to make something, look for the void—look for the thing that doesn’t exist that you want to exist, and make that thing. Cross Stitch seem to have hit on the idea of creating an all-female Sebadoh, which is the thing we all needed without knowing we needed it. They’re also one of the best contemporary American post-punk bands, which is no small feat. I think they may have broken up, which is a loss we’re only beginning to deal with. We still have this tape, and specifically “Blue Blue.”(Razor Cake Fanzine).

REVIEW-I’m no connoisseur of post-punk but Grass Widow spring to mind as Cross Stitch open up. ‘Close The Door’ is so-so but then the quality ramps up with ‘Blue Blue’ and I’m enjoying this. The intentionally monotone vocals work well, though they feel a bit copycat, and the instruments keep a good rythm. ‘Sex Standing Up’ is a highlight and is the first time I get a sense that the band are truly doing their own thing: fast paced dual vocals and crunchy guitars, yes please. On the other side, they continue in this vein but don’t hit the same heights. Kudos for the bonus track about dinosaurs and pizza though. (