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Recently unearthed 4 copies of this LONG OUT OF PRINT cassette. If your looking for one, now is your chance!

GAS CHAMBER-ADVICE FROM YAMA Cassette- An infinitely long cycle of recordings presented in the C-60 format, demonstrating the evolution of one song, with supplemental materials. In 2005, Running For Cover was writing for a split LP with The Endless Blockade, thus the genesis of “Modern Vision”. Several years later, Gas Chamber made the decision to re-initiate its development, recorded a preliminary attempt with Mr. Ski-Mask in 2008, and later the 13-minute 7” with five members. More work culminated in a 30-minute "Modern Vision" performed by eight members, two levels underground on the Amherst St. Metro Station subway platform, a few feet from passing trains. Advice From Yama collects these as well as from the unreleased 2013 demo, Hemorrhaging Light outtakes, and the third iteration of “Light Trapped”.

PRESSING STATS- Pro-dubbed Cobalt cassette, silk screened slip cover, digital download code, sticker. Limited to 200 copies first pressing.

REVIEW-Advice from Yama, the latest album from Buffalo-based experimental noise-metal band Gas Chamber is a nightmarish lo-fi metal-scape. Breaking through noise passages with violent lo-fi metal blast beats and blood curdling vocals, Advice From Yama is the equivalent of a found footage horror film viewed on a grainy VHS tape. Much of the album, tracks like “White” and “Modern Vision (2008)” feel like a secret glimpse into a hellish dimension not originally meant for human consumption. (The Daily Public)