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CHRON TURBINE- II CASSETTE- Following up on their "Skull Necklace For You" 12" LP, CHRON TURBINE returns from the void (this time on cassette) and unfurls eight thick throbbing tracks of the simmering angular guitar driven catchy noise rock that you've come to expect from these purveyors of dark destruct-o-pop! Pummeling and hypnotic rhythms, obtuse vocal delivery, and absurd lyrical content make "II" CHRON TURBINE's best release to date. For more obvious comparisons, SHELLAC, GIRLS vs BOYS, KARP, and JESUS LIZARD might come to mind. Don't be obvious, be weird, listen to CHRON.

PRESSING STATS- 100 Copies first pressing. Pro dubbed cobalt cassette, sticker, digital download, silk screened slip cover. LIMITED QUANTITIES IN STOCK.

CHRON TURBINE-II CASSETTE is $5.00 plus shipping.
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REVIEWS-Bruiser noise punk in the vein of SHELLAC and REPLICATOR, but stripped down to a stoner consistency. Often the guitar is driving one or two chords in a persistent, hypnotic groove that hits heavy with a thick sludge. Featuring members of RYE COALITION etc..that's cool too, but listen to this band now! ( Maximum Rock 'n' Roll)

REVIEW-A second full length dose of noisy goodness spews forth from this low-key band of weirdoes. If any diligent readers recall my last review of this band I described them as The Cars as played by KARP, or something to that effect. This new release is a little less overtly catchy, and goes for uglier stabs at delivering earworms, though probably not intentionally. Things start off with some strong Jesus Lizard-meets-Girls Vs Boys vibes before going into “Love and Infection”, probably the most riffy, Sabbath-y, and lyrically funny song on the whole thing. The remainder of the recording tends to be a bit more upbeat and frantic with the exception of the drunken swagger of “Midnight Mayor” and the closing droney epic “Way Out”. This is good stuff, a bit progressed from their last record but just as freaky. It would be nice if they played out a bit, I bet they would be fun live. (Hex Blog)

REVIEW-Chron Turbine’s label describes them aptly as dark destruct-o-pop, and II is filled with eight tracks that will keep any fan of weird shit entertained. This tape is seriously weird and I mean that in the most respectful, complimentary way. It’s cool in this post-something kind of way where I hear death rock and really polished Interpol-y stuff and even funky Devo vibes coming through, but also obvious hardcore and noise elements. There are really spacey moments like “Love and Infection” that’s got heavy goth T. Rex feels and some octave things going on; “Hipster Amnesia” gives some serious Rites Of Spring vibes; then weird, angular linear shit shows up in a bunch of other tracks just as soon as you think you figured their formula out. II has a healthy mix of heaviness and grit throughout and it never stops moving. Limited to one hundred, the physical tape has this super hardcore aesthetic with a silk screened cover and sticker in there. A pretty great way to spend five dollars, in my opinion.(RAZORCAKE FANZINE)

REVIEW-“Pummeling and hypnotic rhythms” is how Chron Turbine describe themselves and it’s spot on. Monotonous but grooving noise rock with warbling vocals; they have members of Rye Coalition and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the vocalist. ‘Tie Dye’ is a favourite, with a US Maple vibe. Overall a very solid tape of this style.(