PHLEGM CHUCKERS- S/T 7"- After a slew of handmade outsider lo-fi cassette releases, this is the first vinyl release from the Phlegm Chuckers. Recorded in 1997 and released in 1998. Two songs of weird heavy and absurdist punk rock hardcore from Albany NY. Wild warbling grooved heaviness with swirls of screaming chaos, a strange and choppy blending influences from Fugazi to No Means No, to The Crucifucks, to Alice Donut...genuinely odd music from 3 odd humans.

Pressing Stats- 500 Pressed, 400 on Black Vinyl/100 on Clear Vinyl. Silk screened covers. Some copies came with silk screens patches. CLEAR VINYL is SOLD OUT.

PHLEGM CHUCKERS S/T 7" is $5.00 plus shipping.
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REVIEW: Dammit Paul! What took you so long send to this??!? Dammit Nadia! What took you so long to review this??!? Grrr…. Enough enough. There’s a one in a million chance you’ve heard of them. Been to their shows. Knew them since way back when…played marbles, climbed trees, ridden bikes, cross dressed….whatever. But maybe you might be among the 999 999 who absolutely haven’t a clue. So.

The Phlegm Chuckers are a 3 peice from New York. Playing…uh…punk(?) rock(?) Side A – ‘Fallin’ Down’ (woo screamo title) slowly picks up momentum then breaks into this chunky lil groove. With thick, noodly repetitive basslines that sort of reminisces Clickatat Ikatowi’s ‘Rise and Shine’ from the River of Soul’s LP. Blending in with traces of Fugazi’s ‘Waiting Room’ – 13 Songs era. Sounds odd? I can’t believe it either. There are dualing vocals; one like Mr Mackaye and the other slightly higher pitched. (Screamy?) Then they bring in this odd time structures going jud-jud-jaaah / jud-jud-jaaah then happily return with that original groove. I don’t know how they pull it off but it’s damn good. And it’s damn catchy and damnright infectious.

Side B – ‘Abduction Song’ is more discordant. Arty and funky and dancey. And ooh do the hustle, baby! Back up screamy vocals are more distinct here. Maybe it’s supposed to sound more ghastly and horrific but it’s way out hilarious. Rawkin’ drivin’ like jehu and rocketin’ from the crypt. Wah Lah! And what on earth are they blabberin’ about? They didn’t print lyrics. Tsk!

My copy came with patches. Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah! (Collective Zine).