CHRON TURBINE/VIOLENT BULLSHIT SPLIT 7"- Presented before you, a split 7" between CHRON TURBINE and VIOLENT BULLSHIT. This shared slab of inky black wax provides the listener with a brief but fairly accurate glimpse into the euphonious realms of these disparate musical ensembles. Both bands are loosely based in the NYC area and feature EX MEMBERS of tons of bands you like....or bands you at least heard of if you were following underground punk music at some point in the late 90's and 2000's.

If willing, please allow us to expand on that same base and baited logical, and let us take you on a stroll down the "easy street" of enticing the consumer with references of the familiar, too vapidly name drop our way into your wallets and pocket books:

For example did you know that CHRON TURBINE track, DAVE LETO: THE BAYONNE BALLER (Dave the world class drummer of Merel/Chron/Rye Coalition) also features additional musical accompaniment from LITURGY drummer Greg Fox and LES SAVY FAV guitarist Seth Jabour, (also of the 8G BAND aka the Late Night with Seth Meyers show band)?

Continuing to bait you with pedigrees both past and present, were you aware that VIOLENT BULLSHIT features ex members of THE ORCHID, HALF-MAN and CELEBRITY MURDERS? Were you also aware that song "THEY GIVE YOU (WHAT YOU WANT) on the VIOLENT BULLSHIT side of the split 7" was recorded at DFA studios and produced by James Murphy of LCD SOUND SYSTEM fame? YEAH, THAT GUY!

How many names do we need to drop to get you interested in buying a record? Read the info below, let's see what music reviewer for YELLOW GREEN RED blog/PISSED JEANS frontman Matt Corvette had to say about the CHRON TURBINE/VIOLENT BULLSHIT SPLIT 7″and you decide for yourself!

PRESSING STATS- Limited to 200 copies on Black Vinyl with and Hand Silk Screened Covers

REVIEWS-CHRON TURBINE/VIOLENT BULLSHIT SPLIT 7″- Hail Mary, Orchid, Rye Coalition, Merel…these are all Northeast hardcore bands you could hang your hat on in that dark period of 1996-2000. As as is often the case, many of those dudes are still alive now, and still playing music, just older and with significantly less media exposure (perhaps due to Punk Planet, HeartattaCk and Skyscraper closing shop). Some of them went on to play in New York’s Violent Bullshit, who share a sort of hardcore sensibility with Off!, in that the music is ostensibly okay but seems to lack any actual excitement, instead feeling more like older guys reliving their youth. Their track is slower and longer than other Violent Bullshit songs I’ve heard, almost heading away from Trash Talk and toward Murder City Devils. Chron Turbine, on the other hand, take a Shellac-ish riff and drive it into the ground on their side, eventually striking oil. It feels like Oneida at their heaviest, or the aforementioned Rye Coalition, in the way they seem to be having the time of their lives bashing through a two-note riff ad infinitum, vocals be damned. I’ll take more Chron Turbine for sure, hold the Violent Bullshit. (YELLOW GREEN RED)

REVIEW-Chron Turbine: This is undoubtedly the most boring “song” I’ve heard all year. It is literally comprised of the same riff and beat played continuously for three long minutes, with some occasional soloing. No vocals, no variation, no nothing. Violent Bullshit: Now this is a song! As in, it is an actual song that has different parts that make up a whole that is interesting to listen to. In fact, this is a killer punk song. Like one of the mid-tempo Government Warning songs. It’s called “They Give You (What You Want)” and it’s an apt title. I wanted a punk song, and I got it. If you’re okay with buying a 7” for one song, then pick this up! (Razorcake Fanzine)

REVIEW-Violent Bullshit’s brand of hardcore punk is quite playful. Squealing guitar leads, party bus gang vocals, and a singer who does not fear ‘80s hair metal territory. I trust they can turn your run-of-the-mill bar show into chaos, so kudos to them for that. Chron Turbine lays down some post-rock/post-hardcore/post-punk/post-uuuuhhhhh, who knows! It’s repetitive and heavy. Dense yet accented. Psychedelic music for people who just like beer. This 7” definitely works as a decent introduction to two very different bands. Now feel free to acquaint yourself. (Razorcake Fanzine)