GIVE UP-EX and current members of lots of bands that you may have heard of but we won't waste time trying to capitalize on for sales. 43 tracks of pugnacious Japanese influenced HC. This is the kind of music that makes kids drop out of high school...literally.

Pressing Stats: 1st pressing of 100 CD's sold out. 2nd pressing of 100 CD's with Hand Silk Screened slips covers w/ 1 inch button. Limited quantities of 2nd pressing still available.

GIVE UP-DISCOGRAPHY CD is $5.00 plus shipping.For more information contact us at [email protected].

REVIEW-Short-lived Albany band (members from Acid Reflux, Devoid Of Faith, JBA, To Hell And Back, Dead Unicorn, Limpwrist, etc.) gets their due with this forty-three song discography. Hardcore punk with a dark and evil edge. There’s a metal influence, but that’s more for the heaviness and darkness. For the most part, the execution is at a fast tempo. Liz’s vocals sound blown-out and possessed, as though she’s escaped from the basement in Evil Dead. The guitar is great. Solid and abrasive, with the classic hardcore tone. I like how the songs will race, build up tension, then shift to a mid pace to break up the speedy attack. You get their 1999 demo, first EP, and the second unreleased EP (only exists in one hundred test presses – until now), and a live set. Comes packed in a regular jewel case stored inside a slip case, and a button. Nice! This is the second pressing of one hundred, so it might be time to pick it up. (RAZORCAKE FANZINE)