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EVIXXION-STRATEGIC CANCELLATIONS CD-Absolute heaviness abounds on this crushing debut album from EVIXXION. For fans of CAVITY, FLOOR, ACME, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED etc. CD includes full "Strategic Cancellations" album plus bonus tracks including the Fast & Serious 7" and the Unknown Substance (Joy Division covers) EP. Serious music for decidedly unserious people.

PRESSING STATS-100 CD's with two color Hand Silk Screened chipboard covers w/ 1 inch button.

EVIXXION-STRATEGIC CANCELLATIONS CD is $5.00 plus $4.00 shipping in the continental USA). For information on shipping outside the USA contact us at [email protected].

REVIEW-Crushing metal along the lines of bands like Kylesa and early Neurosis only slower, allowing for the heaviness to dominate. There are no ambient breaks or acoustic guitar interludes. This is all systems go, pummeling, and no where near being pleasant. Vocal chords are shredded, leaving the listener to wonder if there are polyps forming in this man’s throat. The wall of guitar is never-ending. The low end rumbles. Despite the humorous artwork on the cover, and the fake T-shirt ads in the lyric sheet, this music is definitely not light hearted. It’s dark, and with an air of hopelessness.(RAZORCAKE FANZINE)