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How’s this for original? A concept album about a volcano in YellowstoneNational Park erupting and destroying life. That means no more Yogi Bear! Wait, Yogi lives in Jellystone. Whew! However, Yellowstone is very real. So now I have to consider the possibility of a volcano fucking up the West Coast, and then there’s talk that the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012. G’damn, we’re fucked either way. DEAD UNICORN-YELLOW STONE SUPER VOLCANO CD- Power noise rock drum and bass duo DEAD UNICORN deal in heavy and melodic song crafting with bombastic drumming and super distorted bass, draped in dual vocal assaults. YELLOWSTONE SUPER VOLCANO is concept album warning listeners of the impending end of times spawned by volcanic blasts. raging pyroclastic flows, and burning winds of ash. Fun stuff.

Pressing stats- 1000 CD pressed, Split release with END TIMES MUSIC.
SOLD OUT from Peterwalkee Records.

REVIEW: Dead Unicorn spread the fear and paranoia via a mix of grind and nü metal stylings. You can sing along in a tuneful manner, then growl in fear and anger over the fact your life is being cut short by a river of lava.(RAZOR CAKE)