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DARK THOUGHTS- DO YOU DREAM? 7"- A classic 45rpm 7" single from Philadelphia pop rock punks DARK THOUGHTS. This single for the forthcoming full length LP entitled "MUST BE NICE" (coming January 2020 on Stupid Bag Records USA/Drunken Sailor Records UK) contains two fantastic tracks of the blazing unforgettably catchy power pop rock'n'roll you've come to expect from this fierce trio. Side A features DO YOU DREAM? (Alternate 7" only mix), an instant classic, you'll immediately keep dropping the needle back to start over and over again! Side B includes the exclusive 7" only track "IT'S TOO LATE", another two minute pop rock fist punch earworm to your brainpan. Pop made by punks. It's not just good, its Ramones good.

PRESSING STATS- First pressing is limited to 500 copies (400 on Black Vinyl, 100 on PINK Vinyl), PINK VINYL IS SOLD OUT!!!.

DARK THOUGHTS- DO YOU DREAM? 7" is $6.00 plus shipping. For more information contact us at [email protected]

REVIEW-Brand new two-song single from every hardcore punk’s favorite melodic punk band, Dark Thoughts. I can see why “Do You Dream” gets the a-side as it might be the poppiest Dark Thoughts song yet. The approach is still the same, but whereas the vocal melodies used to have to fight the riffs and the blistering drumbeats for your attention, “Do You Dream” seems comfortable being a sing-along. The b-side, “It’s Too Late” (which is exclusive to this 7”), is more riff-driven and Ramones-y, and it’s just as good as any other Dark Thoughts track. This single is very short, but it does its job getting me salivating for the upcoming third full-length. (SORRY STATE RECORDS)

REVIEW-Superfluous 7″ here from a most necessary punk band. This is a two-track single from Philadelphia’s Dark Thoughts, and it’s presented in classic “first wave punk rock on Sire Records” fashion, taking a song off their newest album Must Be Nice and pairing it with an exclusive b-side. Cool idea, and while the music is great, boy does it go by fast. Like, really fast – it seems as though “Do You Dream” is barely thirty seconds, but maybe that’s a byproduct of the manic energy and fist-pumping speed the band has given it. A glorious track for sure, unabashed in its Ramones worship but so fun and catchy that any sense of nostalgic homage is brushed off by Dark Thoughts’ winning enthusiasm and attitude. Kinda wish they would’ve just pressed this song three or four times in a row on the a-side – it would’ve saved the trouble of getting up as soon as I’d sat down, feeling more like an exercise program than a record listening session. “It’s Too Late” is a formidable b-side, like a DIY basement version of the hyper-pop Chixdiggit were peddling back in the mid ’90s, but this one moves quickly too. Certainly can’t blame anyone for being a Dark Thoughts completist, as they’ve undeniably attained high-ranking status in the contemporary pop-punk playing field, but for the rest of us who need a fix, might as well follow the advertisement on the back of this 7″ and pick up their newest album instead. (YELLOW GREEN RED)

REVIEW-Fuck yeah DARK THOUGHTS. Maybe this isn’t the best thing to admit, but when a band has a fucking stupid name like DIARRHEA PLANET (great band tho), I tend to avoid checking them out. But on the flip side, when they have a really cool name like DARK THOUGHTS, I wanna check them out right away. So these dudes have been making me tap my Converse and wiggle in my tight black jeans since shortly after their first LP. This new single has the best song they’ve possibly ever written as the A-side. “Do You Dream” is a minute and 18 seconds of pop-punk bliss. It’s oh so easy to write off a band when you see the word RAMONES-core associated with them and it totally feels fucking lazy to even put that in a description if I’m honest. Though I’ll be goddamned if these guys didn’t exclusively listen to the Fast Four and MEAN JEANS before writing their own songs. It’s a perfect mix and I recommend buying all their records like yesterday.(Maximum Rock n Roll)

REVIEW-Two stabs of poppy, all-downstroke punk rock. The title track’s full of bluster and attack, but it’s the flip, “It’s Too Late,” that takes the crown with great hooks and verve to spare. (Razorcake Fanzine)