THE MODERNS- S/T 7" is $5.00 plus shipping.

Recorded in 1979, pressed in 2014.

REVIEW-Nothing warms the ol’ cold, blackened heart than when a kick-ass obscurity pops outta the ether. Case in point, this release: originally recorded in 1979 and only now seeing release some thirty-five years later, this bad boy appears to be the only recorded evidence of a band featuring one Alec Bemis, who soon went on to found the respected L.A. punk/hardcore band Modern Warfare and the label Bemisbrain Records, best known for releasing the Hell Comes To Your House comp. The tracks bend towards the poppier sound of contemporaries like the Simpletones, or even Modern Warfare’s earliest output, with the title track bearing an almost power pop feel and other two packing a bit more punky punch, and all of ‘em being some righteous tuneage. I’m easily being conservative when I say this would be fetching some serious money had it been released back then, just as much for the quality of the tunes as for its rarity, but seein’ as it’s just seeing daylight now, folks have a chance to get in on the ground floor. Seein’ as there are a scant 550 in existence, I recommend you start huntin’ pronto. (RAZORCAKE ZINE)