Limited to 300 copies.
Multi Color Vinyl.

REVIEW-If you’re a design geek, you’re gonna need to see the clear cover on this winning split. Chimes Of Bayonets are still mining mid-’90s post-hardcore, this time with a punked-up and noisy Crownhate Ruin/Kerosene 454 feel. Add in a strangely moving guitar coda and I’m sold. Personal Style play turbulent, white-knuckled punk á la The Wipers and Hot Snakes, with a shout-along chorus that makes an anthem out of their basher of a song. One song from each band, both of whom are from Upstate New York, where I like to imagine there’s a middle-aged punk retirement community with affordable housing and a comfortable cafe where these bands play happy hours that end by 7PM. –Chris Terry (RAZORCAKE ZINE)