THE IRE- WHAT DREAMS MAY COME LP is $20.00 plus shipping.

The Ire is a Philadelphia-based 4-piece band. The band is influenced by 80's UK post-punk bands, anarcho-punk bands of the 80s, and nods to the more recent darker punk bands. The Ire channels punk rock's immediacy and anti-establishment fury, with goth and deathrock vibes throughout.

REVIEW- Philadelphia’s the IRE has released What Dreams May Come as their first proper full-length. Building on their 2019 demo and 2021 cassette, the IRE opens this album with a short dirge and then ascends into a series of powerful, gothic anthems of hope and perseverance in dark times. The rhythm section of danceable bass guitar and precision drumming assist in creating a tight production, while moments of accurate guitar stabs are delivered quickly and deadly. Vocals reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux serenade with lyrics of light and dark imagery in a balance of refined poetry—”The Chariot” and “Ketu: The Severed” are my current album highlights. What Dreams May Come leaves me dreaming of what the IRE will become with future efforts, as this album showcases excellent musicianship and a refined palate of particular taste.(MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL).