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STEEL POLE BATH TUB-THE SKULL TAPES LP is $24.00 plus shipping.

Steel Pole Bath Tub was formed in 1986 by Mike Morasky and Dale Flattum in Bozeman, MT. The duo relocated to Seattle where they met drummer Dorothy Kent... ultimately relocating as a unit again to San Francisco shortly thereafter. The Skull Tapes contains the first released Steel Pole Bath Tub recordings with the band's solidified trio lineup of Morasky, Flattum and Kent. This trio would serve as the lineup for the band's entire career. The Skull Tapes was originally released on cassette tape in 1987 and has become a collector's item both because of its rarity, but also its content. The band quickly followed the release with a string of classic albums on Boner Records, and they played shows supporting Nirvana, Killdozer, Jawbreaker, The Melvins, The Flaming Lips, Hole, Sonic Youth, ETC. This reissue is a must have for anyone who wants to experience the true punk underground bubbling beneath the surface in the late 80s prior to the massive grunge explosion! Original tape transferred, remastered and cut by Bob Weston (Shellac) at Chicago Mastering! The record spins at 45 RPM for maximum crush!