SLOW MUTANTS-S/T LP is $10.00 plus shipping. (Each LP comes with a copy of the SLOW MUTANTS 2016 Demo Cassette, shrink wrapped pro dubbed cassette w/8 songs)

Slow Mutants was a Buffalo, NY based band that existed from 2016 to 2018. The band broke up shortly after recording a 12 song album with J. Robbins in Baltimore, MD. The band contains members who served time in such groups as Cross Stitch, Mallwalkers, Saturn V, Unwelcome Guests, and Trinkit. Some of them continue to play in the bands Little Summer and Personal Style.

REWVIEW-Another album from a group that already broke up, unfortunately. This upstate NY power trio performs deftly-arranged indie rock that at any given moment could bring to mind elements of the BREEDERS, PJ HARVEY, SLEATER-KINNEY, or SAVAGES. Crisp, to-the-point songs with minimal fuss and absolutely no fucking about, and a vocalist with personality. The three members boast a curriculum vitae of accomplished former bands, so it’s no surprise that they know what they’re doing. Add to the equation that this album was recorded by one J. Robbins and the case is closed. Too bad they are no longer around. (MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL)

REVIEW-Slow Mutants remind me of the golden years of indie pop in the 1990s. I don’t see that as a bad thing, honestly. They can be smooth, minimalist, and serene while hard-driving the next minute, as in the song “Buried Fortress” that builds in intensity and once it takes, off it goes! Think of Bush Tetras, Young Marble Giants, Wire, and the outliers on labels like Simple Machines and Spin Art. “Deviant Sign” is the cut off this album! (RAZORCAKE FANZINE)