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Victoria BC's Raw War were a lawless blown out nuclear crust assault that obliterated ears from 2009 to 2013. During that time the band decimated stages and established widespread chaos all over the Pacific Northwest with pulverizing live sets and a sound made of pure apocalyptic terror doused in the ashes of humanity's end. Influenced by '80s and '90s UK D-beat and anarcho-punk bands like Doom and Discharge as well as by early Scandinavian crust bands like Anti Cimex and Totalitär, Raw War soon established widespread terror in their native British Columbia region, bringing their derailing and off the chain assault of primitive, ear-splitting noise-punk cacophony to its inevitable end and extreme conclusions. An unnamed full-length album and 7" EP tentatively tiled Raw Terror were recorded but never saw the light. Marred by debauchery, lineup instability and their very nature as an entity that far too soon had decided to explode in a shockwave rather than quietly fade away, Raw War disbanded sometime around 2013 leaving a thirty-five minute unforgiving, primeval, bulldozing, crustcore onslaught unreleased and completely unheard of for ten long years. Fast forward to 2023, and Sentient Ruin stepped in to honor the legacy and work of one of BC's most uncompromising and visceral hardcore crust bands by finishing the work and releasing the entirety of the band's long-unreleased material (the untitled full-length album and the Raw Terror EP) as the comprehensive 12" vinyl/digital full-length release Total Raw War. Long live the Raw War. Long live TOTAL. RAW. WAR.