GAS CHAMBER-Modern Vision Of The Erect Nightmare 7"


GAS CHAMBER-Modern Vision Of The Erect Nightmare 7" is $5.00 plus shipping.

REVIEW-Continually pushing against boundaries and exploring the outer realms, Gas Chamber are one of those bands where I know I’m not going to hear a band do the same thing over and over again. Each record of theirs makes the past release seem puny in comparison. This may very well be my favorite from them. The noise at the beginning is excellent! Seriously, my favorite part of the song. When they kick in to the main body, they bring to mind Dystopia, but a little more direct and to the point. The vocals are shouted with a sense of pain and disgust. The second side of this record paints a scene of hell—with sounds coming in and out of the dark—and the vocals shouted with a shredded throat rasp over the din. Rightfully so, as the lyrics are bleak, detailing the fall of civilization. The acoustic playing at the end comes out of left field and is a great way to go out. It puts a very different mood on the whole thing. Excellent record, to say the very least. (RAZORCAKE).