GIVE UP- 2ND S/T 7" (test press)


GIVE UP- 2ND S/T 7" is $15.00 plus shipping.

NEW OLD UNPLAYED STOCK (from my personal collection).

Originally intended to be pressed and released by BOILING POINT RECORDS (out of Western MA), this record only saw the light of day as a limited run of 100 test pressings. These tests were sent to the band with no covers or catalog number from the label. No regular pressing was ever made.

Members of the band (myself and drummer Paul) made their own covers and spray painted over the test pressing label arts (what you see in the pictures to the left).

These tracks are also available on the GIVE-DISCOGRAPHY CD in the CD's section of this website.

I have never seen any of the 100 copies of this record on Discogs or eBay or in used racks in record stores, so maybe it's means that its hard to come by? If your that one person that's interested, here ya go, from my personal back stock to your collection.


-Matto/Peterwalkee Records operator & guitarist in GIVE UP