Limited to 250 copies on "Piss" Yellow vinyl

Music for End Times label

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DESCRIPTION-If Dead Unicorn intended to instill a little paranoia with their latest release, they succeeded and backed it with some super urgent music- one part bass and one part drums, just how we like ’em. The bass- dirtier than ever, with feedback forcing itself through during any small chance it gets to breathe and spread. The drums- resonating, hard hitting and laced with the occasional double bass fill. On “Pandemic,” Zac and Paul infect the listener by maintaining the strong sense of melody and catchy choruses that flooded their previous 2 releases. They could not have made a better choice pressing this thing to wax and for a bass ‘n drumz duo, they certainly don’t lack in the high end, either. Concept albums run the risk of getting stale and pretentious and just poorly done, but Dead Unicorn are 3 albums deep into a 7 album warning and show no signs of neglect while ever-evolving and keeping themselves relevant. Next up: Alien Invasion.