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From the heart of Jersey City, NJ, Rye Coalition are a fierce musical presence, and their debut full-length is a ragingly fitting introduction to the quartet's dissonant experiments. With the sonic urgency of Shellac and singer Ralph Cuseglio's tireless screamed ranting, Rye is an unrelenting assault on the ears, but for those who think they can handle it, Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet is also a fantastically strong experience. With plenty of humor injected into tracks like "The Higher the Hair the Closer to God" or "Fucking With Beautiful Posture," the band makes it clear that they don't take things too seriously, but like all of Steve Albini's similar-minded and -sounding projects, the laughs only make the distorted and dissonant rock more brutal and effective. The guitars either wail with confused abandon or attack with huge chunky chords, and while the sound is often confused, it is always with a strong sense of purpose. Like a glimpse into the mindset of dangerous madman, Rye is both fascinating and aggressive, but they must be heard to be understood. Their first batch of singles established a unique sound, but this full-length shows their more focused direction and amidst all the chaos there are some really amazing songs.